Holly Goddyn



  After getting my brows microbladed 3 and a half years ago I was so completely in love with my results that I decided to get certified to microblade brows.  Being able to change someone's whole face just by adding or reshaping one's eyebrows is amazing to me.  

I am a Mom to a 13 year old son and a set of 11 year old triplets.  I am beyond the definition of a "busy Mom".  In my free time I am also a Professional Photographer.  Saving time with my makeup routine in the morning was essential to me so making the decision to get my brows micro bladed was a no brainer.  I was in love immediately after the procedure and I wondered why I waited so long to get them done in the first place.  After I realized just how much it changed my life I decided I needed to learn this very special procedure!  

In November 2017 I travelled to the U.K. to learn PMU.  I offer eyeliner, lips and hair stroke or machine shaded brows.

I am also trained in Plasma Skin Tightening


 I have studio in my home in New Sarepta.  Being able to see my clients faces light up with joy is my favourite thing ever!  Some have sparse brows, some are just looking to have brows on their face again from years of over tweezing.  Clients come to me for many different reasons or issues and each and every one of them walk away extremely happy with their results! I have also recently created a line of very helpful and innovative PMU products to help my fellow artists!

   Book with me and you won't be disappointed!