First Session Brow Microblading - $400

Microblading Touch Up Session (6 weeks later) - $100

Microblading Third Session- $50



Microblading Touch up 12 to 18 months after first procedure (done by Live Love Brows)- $250

Microblading Touch Up on another artist's work- $350

Combo Brows ( Microblading and machine shading)- $450

Combo Brows Touch up done 6 weeks later- $100


Permanent Make Up- LashLine Enhancement - $250 Touch up is $100

Permanent Make Up Brows - $450 

Permanent Make Brow Touch up ( done 6 weeks later current clients only)- $100

Permanent Make Up Brow Yearly Touch up done at 12-18 months after intial- $350

Corrective work needs to be done only after a consultation.  Pricing to be determined accordingly.

Saline Removal ( one session)-$250

Note:  Touch up pricing is for my current clients only.  I will touch up other artist's work.  The cost will be determined after a consultation.



A non refundable deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking.  I accept cash, credit and debit. Payment in full due at time of procedure.




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